For as long as my memory serves, I have written poetry. Most of it shall not see the light of day because sometimes poems can be emotive and not hold any particular appeal to anyone other than the writer. There are a few poems which were written with adoption in mind, however, and I would like to share them.

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Walk with me a while
On a journey through my mind.
Probe the corners and each recess to find,
Sanctuary in a place no words are spoken.
Where a dim light flickers eternal in my soul
As each faltering step toward doubt
Serves only to prolong the pain.
I will crystallize each one forevermore,
In a treasure box where heart meets soul.
Walk with me in silence,
Concede to truth, no words need be spoken,
Until to recollect becomes unfamiliar.
Find solace in acceptance of life within life.

By Honor Donohoe


What is there if not truth?
Distrust, betrayal, always hurt,
That once again, the heart laid bare
Has been scratched and torn in its chest.

With truth
The world turns smoothly,
Carrying with it a contentment
Of belief and trust, with knowledge
Two hearts beat as one.

Without truth, even in the smallest ways,
Festering, anger, betrayal, disbelief,
Come home to roost.
These big BLACKBIRDS will not be moved,
To allow the opening once again
To truth.

Untruth, the politician’s friend.
They practice it well, tutors extraordinaire,
With such aplomb we digest it well.
God is Truth and He knows,
Of all the small betrayals
And how they add to form

To believe, to believe, to believe.
Is this a vain wish and hope
That maybe, the heart will not ache,
The heart that can ache no more?
Pinocchio was unhappy and sad
As any child will know.

To learn again to believe is to forgive.
First those birds must go home to roost,
And they are loath to leave,
The spirit is tired and weary,
All the while straining to stand
Up once more.

To say the knowledge of the importance
Of truth and honesty was not told,
Why ask such a question of anyone?
Never should there be this need
For with it comes the rogue seed,
To flourish and bloom with all its might.
A favoured morsel of the big black bird.